You can watch these videos and do the written mediation task at home.  VIDEO 1   VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 VIDEO 4 CTO extraordinaria M.E. extraordinaria CTE extraordinaria mediation video audio 1 audio 2 audio 3


Hope you can make the most of the local festivities in Almansa. UNIT 8 TEST   Listening 1 Listening 2 Key You can send me the writing task and also a recording of the spoken task.

Pruebas de Certificación 2021, 31st school anniversary , writing exams and unit 7 audios

Here you have all the information about the exam:  Orden pruebas certificación   and this is the  Guia del candidato And in the following link you can check out all the activies I told you about in class:  31 aniversario UNIT 7 TEST audio 1 UNIT 7 TEST audio 2 WRITING EXAMS FROM PAST YEARS: PCTE-OR-20 PCTE-EX-20 PCTE-SEP-19 EE-SEP-18 EE-JUN-17 EE-SEP-17 EE-SEP-16 You can do all the tasks to practice for the final exam this year.

Easter holidays

Today we´ve finished exercises 1-2 in unit 7B. We´ll keep on using the speaking topics photocopy when we return on April 6th. On April 5th  you can sign up for the  31 ANNIVERSARY ACTIVITIES Here Im going to post writing exams from different years that you can do at home to practice for the final exam. HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAYS!

Progess Test 1-5 and speaking exams to practice at home

Listening task 1   Listening task 2 Progress test 1-5 Key Script Speaking exam 1 Speaking exam 2 Speaking exam 3 Speaking exam 4 Speaking exam 5 Speaking exam 6

NEW ISSUES OF ENGLISH MATTERS MAGAZINE and some classic inspirational songs

HERE  you have the link to 5 issues os the online magazine English Matters. You can read different articles on many interesting topics and listen to the audios.  Hope you enjoy reading something different! I include some songs I´ve come across recently that  might be good for your English, as well as a few motivational songs: The Last resort (angry feelings) Waves (sad feelings) INSPIRATIONAL SONGS (joy and cheerfulness) Van Halen´s Jump Ain´t no mountain high enough The final countdown Eye of the Tiger U2´s Beautiful Day